Chakra Healing - Blending Chakra Healing and Psychotherapy to help clients heal
What is Chakra Healing?
Chakras are storehouses of energy which are located along our spinal column and radiate out from our body. They are directly associated with our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical functioning. Our chakras develop incrementally as we age. Each chakra is associated with particular qualities. If all goes well in our development, the chakras will develop and offer us many helpful attributes such as empowerment, love, groundedness, flexibility, and a strong spiritual foundation. For most of us however, things occur to us or our loved ones which interfere with the development of our chakras.
 Chakra Healing is a way to clear the blockages that may have occurred to our chakras and bring our body and life back into flow and vibrant health. Chakra Healing is a very powerful technique to use in addictions treatment, in grief and loss, in couples counseling, with depression and anxiety, and for individuals wanting to deepen their spiritual practice.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to this wonderful alternative healing method! Dr. Brenda Davies is a British psychiatrist and Spiritual Healer who taught me this powerful way of helping others to heal. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
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