Chakra Healing - Blending Chakra Healing and Psychotherapy to help clients heal
"Chakra Healing for me leaves me feeling more alive, more connected with the Universe, and more connected and aware of the energy around me which is unseen. When I leave a chakra healing, I am more grounded and spiritual with a deep sense of well-being that's difficult to get through other means of therapy [i.e. talk, etc.]"    R. I., Houston, Tx. 
"I have been sober  for 21 years now. Even so, it was often hard for me to get past some of my darkest issues. Since experiencing healing of my chakras, many of those issues have been healed. Furthermore, I can tell when a chakra is 'off' and know what to do to bring it back into balance. For anyone experiencing addiction or other painful issues, I highly recommend Chakra Healing."   S.S., Houston, Tx.

"Energy healing and chakra balancing are wonderful ways to explore the deeper parts of yourself. When working with Lisa I find that I am greatly assisted in releasing blocked energy from the past which kept me from experiencing the joy that is available to me. Often the sluggishness we feel is due to unresolved emotional issues that we may not be in touch with. By being willing to open to the flow of this powerful healing method, we can release what no longer serves our highest good."        L.A., Sealy, Tx.
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